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Company Profile

Enhanced Exchange is dedicated to orchestrating food production and supply lines for a wide array of “designer” high quality, high-value food products in demand by diverse, discerning markets around the world. Enhanced Exchange develops and distributes DESIGNER FOOD PRODUCTSTM with special criteria and ingredients that can take on board the most varied customer constraints. We offer complete and purpose-designed concepts, with our premium designer food productsTM plus the expanding demand for our organic designer food productsTM.

We offer our customers much more than just a catalogue of our designer food productsTM. We support our customers in identifying their needs and defining the most relevant and most efficient solutions as we have the capability to help them redefine their food products and services ranges, their overall organization and the ways in which they are in use.

Enhanced Exchange guarantees fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food productsTM of the highest quality because it constantly searches the world for elite designer food products™, then delivers items by the quickest method possible to consumers anywhere in the world. Our designer food products and services are deliverable with (100%) one hundred percent quality, assurance. Enhanced Exchange wants each customer to see, feel and experience our dedication so that one remains our loyal customers by their own free will and desire. 

The distinctive characteristic of Enhanced Exchange in comparison to other food companies is that we design consistently high quality, high-value designer food productsTM in demand by each distinctive market we serve. This accomplishment of design is by involvement in critical control points governing food quality, consistency, safety, and value in the production and throughout the delivery process. Enhanced Exchange is without peer because no other food company alters production/delivery processes to design foods to fit market demands.

Our Organization

Enhanced Exchange is in the hierarchy of companies, which affords diversification into the all-important food and agriculture industry. The company is registered, and headquarters is located in the city of Saint Germain En Laye, France with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the USA, with a distinct advantage of being a lean, streamlined company. Furthermore, synergy results are from functioning through contractual agreements where management and marketing operations coalesce with international resources providing for an organizational culture that is constantly seeking ways to improve brand reputation through our high-quality designer food (including beverage and meat) products™ and services. The operations and safety practices evolve to cope successfully with the risks inherent in the ambitious pursuit of implementation and refinement of a strategic planning process. While solving market inefficiencies by acting as a distributor over geopolitical boundaries, it is connecting a diverse array of producers and services to traditionally unreachable buyers thereby, defining its niche by developing systems that promote growth along our entire supply chain. This management policy continues the process of establishing business efficiency through vertical integration and control of supply in order to enhance sales for our existing designer food products™ and services.

Enhanced Exchange is dedicated to orchestrating food production/supply lines for a wide array of food and beverage products in demand by diverse, discerning markets around the world. The distinctive characteristic of Enhanced Exchange in comparison to other food companies is that we design consistently high quality, high-value designer food products™ in demand by each distinctive market we serve. This accomplishment of design is by involvement in critical control points governing food quality, consistency, safety, and value in the production and throughout the delivery process. Enhanced Exchange is without peer because no other food company alters production/delivery processes to design foods to fit the market demands. Because of the necessitated intense attention to these critical control points, Enhanced Exchange could not initially provide all foods for all markets by this process. Therefore, the company established in its business plan a systematic, sequential approach to ultimately achieve the status of a peerless food company delivering wide arrays of “designer” high quality, high-value food and beverage products to a wide array of differentiated, discerning markets.

We are shaping a culture of innovation supporting a flexible adaptive enterprise. Management is capable of creatively dealing with challenges and opportunities alike that are effectively working across global operations while remaining adaptable to change adds to the cultural diversity, company value, resources growth, plus our innovative approach to both opportunity and uncertainty. As global supply reliability and quality fluctuate, chains are devising ways and means to respond to unpredictable customer demand, thus, increasing competition, plus the strain on existing supply contracts. At Enhanced Exchange, imperative inventory optimization is a necessity as well as variable cost reduction while maintaining higher customer service levels. The specific formation of Enhanced Exchange is to generate appreciation based on promoting greater dialogue and understanding about food choices with our discipline in trading strategies. All this occurs, while the seasoned lean practitioner’s focuses on the selection of the best designer food products™ for distribution with accurate insights into our supply chain while greatly improving the quality across all operations around the globe.

This solid team strategically assembled for their unique experience has an exclusive advantage and insight into our designer food products™ and has been working together for over two decades. They have a sophisticated and rare understanding of our designer food products™, along with the relationships that develop with over (50), fifty, years of combined market making. We provide superior supply reliability of our respective designer food products™, and services. Considerable months of development efforts apply for managing the selection and implementation of each product into the delivery systems in the respective industry, serving the manufacturers, producers and distribution aspects of the domestic and international sectors. Paralleling these insightful efforts are the contributions with an ample demonstration of management skills and historical experience while creating a multi-national company to achieve significant socioeconomic and environmental returns. Enhanced Exchange brings a fresh and innovative approach to product sales, delivery, and consulting services, acting as the supplier and distributor between the end-user and the producer’s designer food products™ provider to affect our sales metrics resources.

Corporate Philosophy

The philosophy of Enhanced Exchange is governed by the company’s perspective on food and beverage; its past, present, and future. The company is cognizant of the history of food and beverage that can be summed up in the phrase “hand to mouth” in that food and beverage production and delivery has largely been an ad hoc matter. Enhanced Exchange, anticipation of the future is to move from impromptu food supply to systematic, integrated, proactive supply of our distinctive designer food products™ designed for discerning markets. Any analysis of the past must conclude that the future holds challenges for the world in terms of food and beverage supply. Historical trends highlight the expectations of challenges that are to accelerate. These trends are long term with a root basis in global climate variability, the burgeoning population of the world, the decline of arable land available for food production, maturation of enabling technologies (industrial, green, and genomics revolutions) and the emergence of thriving economies in the third world while the first world decays. These trends, depending on perspective, offer either opportunity or portending crisis in terms of food security, food quality security, and food safety. Enhanced Exchange views these trends as an opportunity to act in the present to prevent them from culminating in crises.

Goals and Objectives

Our customer goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thereby optimizing system functionality and improving operations efficiency. The diverse cultural and structural distribution capabilities coupled with professional industry experience with combined product resources and service design are integral within our policies to offer quality designer food products™ and services as well as reliability to the customers. The distribution team provides for the unique requirements of existing and new food products. We work vertically with various product manufacturers and producers’ segments for exclusive distribution with a different local presence for customary beneficial and appropriate delivery, with added marketing niche characteristics. Enhanced Exchange also has a select portfolio of long-term industry and client professionals for significant goodwill value relations. Our respective territory associates express their contributions by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience add to company capabilities, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional designer food products™ and service updating in real time.

We have the design goal of delivering to discerning markets our distinctive designer food products™ and their ingredients that are to exceed the desires of these markets and to accomplish this goal, therefore, defining Enhanced Exchange objectives:

  • Describe each market’s desires in terms of our explicit designer food products™ specifications that are highly descriptive and verifiable through product examination.
  • Evaluate our customer response as to the initially supplied designer food products™ resulting from performing analysis of customer surveys.
  • These analyses provide the platform for the formulation of increasingly precise sets of specifications of product quality and consistency that are in use to provide target markets with our designer food products™ designed consistently to exceed expectations.
  • Intrude into the production process of food products through contractual agreements to influence the process toward our refining the designer food products™ thereby ensuring consistent quality to these discerning markets.
  • These sequential objectives are re-occurring in a feedback loop for each of the designer food products™; so that the company maintains a customer-based quality control system that ensures that product quality at any given time conforms on target to consumers than that provided by competitors. Therefore, the product quality and mix in the future has even greater assurances for consistency to provide customers with outstanding experiences.

Business Model

Our business model ensures an extraordinary degree of efficiency due to our management policies and effective cost controls. Quality personnel and materials produce superior designer food products™ distribution for our clients. Operating costs are subject to optimization efficiency, not short-circuit inefficiency. We add proper overhead controls to assure a dynamic and profitable organization. Management focus is on implementation and assuming leadership to accelerate corporate growth as well as profitability. On an operational level, Enhanced Exchange stresses open communication among all aspects of our organization and with our clients, which promotes camaraderie, optimal utilization of our assets, and prompts delivery of products and services. The solid global management team has decades of experience in international business development and technical skill with the intellectual property (IP), rights which allows us to meet and exceed the designer food products™ distribution expectations of our clients by providing our quality designer food products™ as well as reliable services in a responsive, safe and cost-effective manner. Enhanced Exchange accomplishes its goal of delivering our distinctive, high quality, high-value designer food products™ with their ingredients for discerning markets.

This quality level and parallel success are accomplished through developing contracts (and ultimately alliances), with select companies having proven records for reliably supplying these products on a global scale. The companies selected are those that have proven abilities to supply quality products and have the desire to form alliances to improve and expand. These companies provide the vehicles required for us to gain footholds in the production/delivery streams of our designer food products™, and then to progressively dominate these streams through the implementation of its business model. Our quality control attainment is through rigorous attention to market desires and meticulous translation of these desires into product specifications. The products undergo thorough inspections to assure that they meet (or exceed) these expectations. In order to meet current market orders, we necessarily initially provide our designer food products™ by this method, but progressively increases control of the food production/delivery stream by increasingly intruding in the production process. This intrusion occurs via contracting the food products according to our feedback loop, in the production/delivery process for our high quality, high value and safe designer food products™.

Through contracts early in the process, Enhanced Exchange assures quality and safety control through implementation of its hazard and quality analysis of critical control points (HACCP and QACCP respectively), policies. These policies achieve an increase in the stringency over time, providing the company progressive controls over the production/delivery process, which results in a stream of our designer food products™ that increasingly deliver to its customers, consistently. Through this process, a survey of each market is undertaken as to food product quality characteristics deemed important. These surveys receive analysis as to the uniformity of the market in terms of the satisfaction achieved in order to determine significant fractionation patterns in the market. These quality characteristics conducive to satisfying eating experiences receive translation into our designer food product™ specifications, providing comprehensive descriptions of desired products. These descriptions are available for use to delineate the critical control points and define the essential, threshold activities necessary at the critical control points to assure that our designer food products™ consistently exceed market desires. Enhanced Exchange considers all characteristics deemed important by each discrete market to be of penultimate importance and configures each production system to ensure consistent delivery of foods characterized by these characteristics.

The most fundamental characteristic of any food in any market is safety. Enhanced Exchange guarantees through control of each production/delivery system that, above all else, all fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ delivered to all our markets are safe to consume. As this process proceeds into execution, we establish distinctive products imminently desired by a targeted discerning market. These products are then “branded”, and pricing occurs in a manner consistent with market demand. The branding of these distinctive, high quality, high-value products provides the company with the visibility and reputation required to gain customer loyalty. We consider our customers a part of the production/delivery team, thereby gaining customer loyalty through their inclusion in the process for which the customer is an integral component of this team. This perspective looks at food security through vulnerability, adds to the calls for operational excellence, which offers paths to new governance for improving risk management in general as population increases geometrically and food increases arithmetically. In particular, risks related to secured, safe food import dependencies that decrease to ensure food is accessible and not closely linked to systemic risks.

Food security is another such as changes in global markets, and how well governments respond to shocks such as global food price volatility due to widespread harvest failure. Disaster presents risks to the whole food system, from production through distribution and to consumption. However, climate impacts should not divert attention from fundamental food security and development objectives plus achievement. Instead, mainstreaming risk management into food systems can help address underlying vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and risks from other sources. By seizing the imperative to adapt, the challenge of disasters can be an opportunity to reform and strengthen food systems and increase food security; as well as human security, stability, and longer-term sustainable development. The challenges in national food systems and strategies mix of specific micronutrient deficiencies challenges, which aggregate national statistics that vary between and within countries as food insecurity, will be crucial for making food systems more resilient, less insecure. Insecurity challenges resiliency focus allows for sustainable growth, supporting better systems, and better able to meet changing needs in an uncertain future. This demographic transition alongside the magnitude of some changes that affect ecosystems vulnerabilities on food security and quality nutrition as extremes will act as a risk reduction multiplier for food insecurity.

Enhanced Exchange intent is to play an increasingly important role with a holistic approach based on a conceptual framework. In identifying the most effective and efficient actions we can ensure security in the context of climate variability and how these vulnerabilities interact with other key trends and sources of risk, that affect both natural and human systems. Cohesive diligence in altering the productivity, diversity, and functions of many ecosystems around the world as such impacts the balance, which can affect food security in multiple ways. Therefore, resources are necessary to keep pace alongside a burgeoning population, as there exists an immediate need to connect available science and technology. Connecting includes the process to develop disruptive solutions and the future of secure, safe, quality fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ which are transforming through technology in innovative ways to address some of the most pressing threats to our modern society. Our awareness is with unprecedented integration of scientific development policy-making that will equip us for an era of secure, safe, quality fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ disruption as these disrupters have moved beyond mass production to food start-ups and influence investing.

Food integrity, supply, and production capability have become a highly technical business. Any producer that lags in implementation of cutting-edge technologies will become an economic dinosaur. Therefore, the holder of proprietary technologies also holds the key to financial prowess.

Enhanced Exchange has compiled a comprehensive compendium of the science of food production technologies and has orchestrated these technologies into state-of-the-science production, delivery systems. This collection and system integration does and can further enable the company to deliver high value fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ and beverage products consistently exceeding consumer expectations, thereby eclipsing competitor’s products in order that it can capture any market target. Concurrently, Enhanced Exchange builds on this compendium, utilizing cutting-edge research organizations in an orchestrated manner to advance these technologies so that Enhanced Exchange will always have the required exclusive proprietary intellectual property to keep it the front-running designer food products™ company in the world. Enhanced Exchange methods and policy are adaptive while reacting with our secured, safe, quality designer food products™ while measuring extreme events through a methodology of resilience while understanding the need to build evidence for action. We are thereby anticipating increasing climate changes.

We prioritized resilience-building proactive strategies with some powerful tool for achieving our secured, safe, quality designer food products™ conditions that seek to sustain disproportionate impact and increased resource stresses while recognizing the comprehensive economic factors. Therefore, we take the complex challenges of climate change seriously in light of sustainable development and plan for it with more options for fewer serious risks that we face as climate change directly threatens socioeconomic development outcomes. Climate change is already modifying the frequency and intensity of many weather-related hazards as well as steadily increasing vulnerability and eroding resilience of the exposed populations that depend on arable land, access to water and stable mean temperatures and rainfall. However, human ingenuity can overcome these problems and with our research in science, technology, policy, and management, we will better understand climate systems to ensure that we can grow our economy while preserving the planet. Although the precise effect of climate change is not certain, due to the changes in the geographic distribution of weather-related hazards we do clearly see trends that define change. Trends are those that can alter the frequency and intensity of events, affecting a variety of vulnerable locations to hazards and changing exposure patterns.

Disaster risks are subject to the diverse effects of the magnitude of climate change and can increase the hazard itself while at the same time decreasing the resilience of communities. Therefore, Enhanced Exchange focus is on the interferences and resilience of communities in areas susceptible to natural environmental changes with adaptation to climate change in mind. We are as a result constantly strengthening risk mitigation while shifting from an emphasis on disaster management to engaging in secure cross-border mobility arrangements that shape a powerful mix of market, technology and policy forces as sustainability needs will drive future disruptive innovations in addition to the challenges the world faces. Enhanced Exchange is also in the process of developing more than one supply line for each of our designer food products™ of importance to targeted markets in order to ensure food security for these markets in the future. This is important for future security as a guard against uncontrollable, unpredictable, capricious events that may disrupt a particular production/delivery stream. In the case that a certain production/delivery system disruption occurs, unless an alternative system is in place, product delivery disruption is inevitable.

Enhanced Exchange cannot afford that the supply of any of its branded products is the subject of interruption, even for short periods. An important aspect of Enhanced Exchange is that, through the process of execution of our business plan, the company also attains a platform for consulting with its suppliers and its customers to deliver technical information to them that not only improves the process but is also a source of income for the company through the provision of technical consulting services. Additional consideration and resources for assessment are that, our financial, investment advisory and business consulting division offer services in technical, financial and economic aspects of agricultural and food systems. These services are oriented toward assisting in value quantification maximization of resources through applicable funding, consulting and third-party coordination for aligning companies. In this manner, we cohesively address the components of the fresh and frozen designer food products™ production stream toward integration into the expansive soil to plate integrated production stream development by Enhanced Exchange.

We are incredibly proud of the long-lasting relationships we have built upon trust and shared commitments to long-term growth with our customers because of something they learn early on, which is their concerns, are our concerns. We create value for our customers every day. We are so much more than just a company that provides our high-quality designer food products™ and services. We are people that come to work committed to creating value for our customers and finding the best solutions for today and tomorrow. Our customer service standards are high because we know we must earn our customers’ business every day. Enhanced Exchange is globally effective in its operations, adaptive to change, innovative in its approach to both opportunity and uncertainty and is well connected to the needs of its suppliers and customers by stewarding the adoption of new business practices that will help the company does not just compete, but out-compete while creating a culture of innovation and flexibility. The effective scope of innovative solutions is capable of creatively dealing with challenges and opportunities alike as distribution management, training, quality planning, QA, consultancy and outsourcing.

Growth Plans

Enhanced Exchange has ambitious goals that are not immediately achievable. In order for the company, ultimately to succeed in the attainment of its goals and objectives, it initially formulated a tight focus. Through its success in that targeted aspect of its ultimate goal, it builds on this early success to expand into the broader arenas of our fresh and frozen designer food products™ production and delivery. Enhanced Exchange has a structured roadmap providing the guiding principles for the company expansion in terms of commodities supplied, the supply lines for these commodities, and the markets served.

In terms of commodities supplied, the guiding principles are:

  • We have begun with our fresh frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ as being more fundamental to nourishment than beverages. Therefore, Enhanced Exchange establishes its reputation and stakes its future on the successful and dependable supply of distinctive, high quality, high-value food products ingredients to discerning markets. Delivery of distinctive, high quality, high-value beverages will follow.
  • In terms of food products, Enhanced Exchange began with the basic staple for life as throughout history and continuing today which are products from cereal crops (e.g. bread, meals, and flours). In the West, the principal cereal in all societies is historically “corn” or “maize”. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt called wheat, “corn”. Another example is for eastern civilizations such as China, the staple was rice in areas where most of the people live but was wheat in western China (their staple food is noodles). Because cereal crops undercut the history and culture of all civilizations of the world, Enhanced Exchange began operations by delivering cereal grains. Because of its pervasive use in many cultures for bread and noodle production, the inaugural cereal chosen was hard red winter wheat. In close succession are the other cereals, (especially rice, but also corn, oats, rye, barley, spelt, and Khorasan).
  • Upon successfully establishing supply lines for cereal grains (initially wheat, rice, oats, rye, barley, spelt, Khorasan and corn), the company has its focus on the “center of the plate”. That part of the plate is where the most expensive, highest nutritional value food products reside, the meats. Meat, especially red meat, is the most highly sought after, and most revered food in the world. Red meat has the highest concentration of nutrients of any food and is an essential component of religious worship in all Western and Middle Eastern religions. Consummation of a few commercial contracts in the West and the Middle East are outside a context of a human social event centering on red meat. Even though the Far East has a lesser tradition as meat eaters, they, too, are like many all over the globe; if people can afford it, they will eat meat (especially red meat).
  • Even as the company faces the pragmatic issue that it physically could not initially provide for all global markets, therefore, is undertaking to force select foods, sequentially to establish prowess in selected food groups. Enhanced Exchange remains totally committed to its mission of consistently delivering the wide array of “designer”, high quality, high-value designer food products™ to a wide array of markets.
  • Upon the establishment of its market study’s reputation for success and dependably delivering large quantities of designer staple fresh and frozen designer food products™ (e.g. cereal grains, especially hard red winter wheat and rice), while delivering distinctive, high quality, high value meats (e.g. beef, lamb, mutton, chicken, shrimp), then a market focus addition can occur. This market shift is into the other (smaller quantity), food items, which are to become the company’s priority while maintaining the staple fresh and frozen designer food products™ and high-value meats, concurrently with beverages (e.g. dairy products, honey, fruits-polyphenols, and vegetables, as well as their juices).

In terms of supply lines for commodities delivered, these principles are:

  • A single supply lines establishment for each commodity are in place before alternatives establishments commence.
  • Upon successful establishment of primary supply lines, other parallel supply lines for each commodity are developed. Some product shipments are is through each supply line to each market, in order to establish these parallel functioning lines and ensure each one is viable.
  • Although the alternative supply lines may be considered to be redundant, multiple supply lines are preferred to single supply lines in order to provide alternative supply routes in case that unexpected problems occur disrupting supply through the primary line.

Enhanced Exchange is an ambitious company having begun with a tight focus on the supply of distinctive food products to targeted discerning markets; it is in the process of rapid expansion becoming a general fresh and frozen food supply company for many markets in the world.


Regional and global agricultural trade has and continues to increase significantly, thus, Enhanced Exchange does see a pattern that has also changed as emerging markets, economies and developing countries continue to define a larger role in international markets. Agricultural trade volume, quality, and diversity are also conforming to market desires as each increase thereby supporting our corporate profile. However, global warming and regional climate change operational responses are affecting agriculture, food security costs, and nutrition unevenly across countries and regions. Indeed, we observe beneficial changes in comparative advantage in agriculture around the world that will also affect international trade. Market focus as we make determinations is on the complex and the underexplored intersection between our customer’s desires, agricultural trade, regional climate change trends, food security, and the multilateral agricultural trade rules. Adding to those economic and market desires are the not so simple trade law rules, with measures that can promote food security, adaptation, mitigation, and improve the livelihoods of Enhanced Exchange customers inclusive of family farmers around the world. Increasing uncertainty prevails in the non-food market’s growth prospects for world agricultural sectors, which appear unrestrained along the geographical lines that characterize the role of an agricultural economy.

Accordingly, we listen and therefore are providing designer food products™, our processes, and brands for a strong stimulus for development, poverty alleviation, economic growth and ultimately, food security in the context of regional climate change adaptation strategies. Enhanced Exchange is undertaking to define, understand, forecast for and design climate-smart agriculture soil conservation and sustainable land management use systems and processes. However, our success as a company is dependent upon having a strong and viable supply base with the existing distribution market with a focus on each respective food product plus systems development, within each country and region, which continue to advance our service area distribution markets capability. The critical path for the proper movement of our designer food products™ continues to evolve per product and local market improvement capabilities and growth factors. Enhanced Exchange trades in the distribution of its fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ in the respective markets and expects the near future to be more profitable due to volatility, increased demand, and our unique position as a supplier. Our international team of experts is skilled in a disciplined, research-based approach of identifying and structuring profitable trade opportunities while also managing potential risk.

Components Relationship

Comprehensively defining the work and review process remains integral and flexible for an opportunity, which is applicable to describe the function and scope of Enhanced Exchange. In this regard, the (1) international food products trade center is one of four components of the larger operation. The other three components of Enhanced Exchange are (2) production center, (3) integrated agricultural systems, and (4) advanced technology center. The company has the goal with special emphasis on providing distinctive, high quality, high value fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ to discerning markets around the world with each component of the company contributing important aspects to this goal. The four components of Enhanced Exchange have complementary roles in accomplishing the company’s mission. The ultimate goal is to provide secure fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ produced through delivery chains designed to, not only supply these high-quality products but to provide secure (possibly redundant) delivery chains.

In this manner for development, we can thereby provide for guaranteeing a future supply of products in the face of the (100) one hundred, plus a year of major natural disasters that are disruptive by definition, along with the ubiquitous additional layer of volatile world order. (2) Production center: Enhanced Exchange controls the entire production process, delivering distinctive, high quality fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™. As in the case of the international designer food products™ trade center, these fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ are designed to exceed our expectations of discerning markets. Although the production center expectation is to provide all the high quality, high value fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ required to balance the supply to these markets in concert with the other components of Enhanced Exchange. The components of Enhanced Exchange provide the necessary platform for complete control of fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ production and delivery of distinctive, high quality, high-value products designed for discerning markets. In order to accomplish this mission, the company must control the fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ production/delivery chains as far as is possible within system constraints.

Although the production center achieves this control to the greatest degree possible, known capacities define that the production center, because of physical limitations, cannot deliver adequate quantities of the array of fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ required by these discerning markets. Therefore, it is necessary for Enhanced Exchange to develop integrated agricultural systems. The (3) integrated agricultural systems are designed to provide the vehicle for replicating the production center in other parts of the world to assure that control of the fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ production/delivery system is secured providing increased volume required to satisfy these markets. (4) Advanced technology center: Enhanced Exchange realizes that, even though the production center and its replicates as constructed from the integrated agricultural production center provides state-of-the-science, designer food products™ at the present; they will be required to produce these fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ in greater quantities, with greater efficiency in the future. This requires the development of proprietary technologies that will allow the company to produce distinctive, high quality, high-value designer food products™ at any time in the future.

The integrated agricultural systems will also produce a valuable intellectual property that will increase in value as the world’s population reaches the count of (9.5) nine and a half, billion people expectation in the year 2050. Deductively our growth and the basis for demand is sufficiently accurate with the accompanying increase in global fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food product requirements. The technologies developed by the integrated agricultural systems will be engaged in the feedback quality control loop; thereby increasing the precision and accuracy of our ability to progressively improve the quality and value of the product as perceived by our customers over time. We are also involved in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA. The Founders provide the vision and guidance that have sustained Enhanced Exchange to grow, as well as mature into a dynamic, professional, and profitable distribution organization. In so doing, jobs and prosperity for our employees over the past continue today, while protecting the people, our environment and resources, now includes a distribution source shift into, fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ for the next generation of young professionals for the next several decades.

Our Commitment

Selecting to do business with Enhanced Exchange is entering a territory and scope of service synergy that is open to all possibilities. Our research and development (R&D), department is particularly efficient, therefore new product and service allow us to offer our customers much more than just a catalog of designer food products™. We support our customers in identifying their needs and defining the most relevant and most efficient solutions as we have the capability to help them redefine their designer food products™ and services ranges, their overall organization and the ways in which they are in use. We develop and produce personalized designer food products™ with special criteria and ingredients that can take on board the most varied customer constraints. We can offer complete and purpose-designed concepts, with our premium designer food products™ plus the expanding demand for organic designer food products™. Production and quality control departments are continually optimizing packaging; thus, we are able to significantly reduce storage volume, cardboard consumption and the impact of transport, and reduce waste in the stores for which the delivery of our designer food products™ occur. Distribution of Enhanced Exchange products offers a highly qualified, proven team with combined experience of several decades in the area of international trade offering our customers a full spectrum selection of related designer food products™, therefore a guarantee of excellent results.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, we are in communication with a wide range of support professionals with diverse qualifications. We possess operations experience in a distribution center at the facility level. Our combined associates are well versed in all aspects of multiple location management, from budgeting to productivity to establishing and maintaining bilateral cooperation. We pride ourselves on our proven record of accomplishment for effectively administering multiple implementations. This is due to effectively directing team members in the development of contract supply and distribution modifications to ensure that all business requirements occur within budget restraints and time schedules within the guidelines of the authorities. In addition, Enhanced Exchange has experience with large distribution centers, having been responsible for the successful implementation of the requisite combined resources a resulting insight provides for more streamline activities. We are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing product sales systems in multiple distribution centers throughout various territory locations. We offer, provide and deliver to all our customers the continuation of the history of our capabilities, secure transactions, convenience, speed, and efficiency. Ongoing requests for an opportunity to deliver, maintain the culture of the company to demonstrate our competence and all the rules we use in our group endeavors and business processes.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Enhanced Exchange the ideal choice for a designer food product™ supplier and consulting firm to manage the implementation with any particular product needs considering their professional service purchase requirements. Our commitment is to cultivate a new level of human potential consciousness with an exceptional advantage. The commitment itself is enduring, built upon a sound foundation that is on a uniquely formulated voluntary and ethically sound basis with moral compasses and intercontinental exchange with an initiative to improve coordination, flow across multiple tiers of suppliers. All the while, our advantages, and resources are reducing risk with integrated traceability and quality management towards the supply chain. The resulting transition is to a future mutual benefit as well as our traditional capacity to innovate on a global scale by creating value as well as the differentiation of our designer food products™ and services. More than just a supplier, we are a provider, with a level of transparency and professionalism that reflects positively on our team, which is extremely cooperative with the willingness in addressing any issues upon expression from our clients. We are committed to becoming a trustworthy partner naturally developing the finest flavors, which are some of the characteristics of Enhanced Exchange designer food products™.

Beneficially to that end, we are cultivating our strength, that of unmatched expertise. In order to offer our customers, the best quality designer food products™ and services for which we are uncompromising in the compliance it is with the explicit requirements of each customer that we search for product consistency. In addition to a ceaseless concern for food safety, our selection of raw materials, regardless of the weather and turmoil in the markets our efforts are sustained and inspiring management. We work in close collaboration with our suppliers to define new varieties of food products and services so that our customers can rely on the highest standards going into our designer food products™ and services. Now more than ever, we are faithful to that commitment, which exceeds the expectations of consumers who want to combine pleasure, authenticity, and health. In order to achieve those objectives every day, we have devised tools that reproduce the very precise operations of artisans at industrial speeds. Enhanced Exchange is committed to properly satisfy our customers’ requirements with superior quality designer food products™ and services that are environmentally friendly and produced in a manner conducive to humane animal treatment. All the while we are building trust in our company as well as in creating content that engages prospects in recognizing that we are one of the authoritative sources for our best designer food products™ in the industry.

Our designer food products™ and services are deliverable with (100%) one hundred percent quality, assurance. Enhanced Exchange wants each customer to see, feel and experience our dedication so that one remains our loyal customers by their own free will and desire. We inherently achieve to maintain a consistent corporate philosophy in line with the values of our principal founders. The important values are of quality, reliability, performance, loyalty plus social commitments. We strive to increase its solidarity with society and to integrate its business with a healthy environment. We seek to provide a reasonable return on investment for our shareholders and partners through efficient operations and proper financial safeguards as well, to pay dividends every year. The business preferences are in areas in which we have experience and a proven record of accomplishment. New ventures due diligence analysis can proceed as long as the establishment of proper safeguards is in place to assure the greatest opportunity for success. Risk analysis is consistently an important element in considering a distribution item for our distribution business. Our hybrid approach weighs not only a thorough, independent risk evaluation, but also the input from all parties involved and the economic potential of the project. Discover all the options our customers have when they work with the people of Enhanced Exchange.

Working at Enhanced Exchange

The company has a premier executive base for a global orientation with solid experience, along with the advice of an expert management team with premium resources allocated across multiple tiers of suppliers with an enormous appetite on the way forward with an eye-opening look into the future of our fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ and services development. Our economic activity improvements enable our state of readiness to handle the increased business efficiently as a growing consensus manufactures and produces excellence in action are on the leading edge of continuous improvement efforts that increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, create stimulating and rewarding work environments. Enhanced Exchange management team style of policymaking is flexible, incremental and will adapt to the specific circumstances of the moment while effectively identifying and engaging with our customers and prospects as we continue to gain steam. We adapt to changing global cost and supply chain dynamics, which will move onward and upward in key performance areas.

Recruitment is from an international base of experts with skills, passion, and interest in building a global, sustainable, business in a very challenging nascent market. The team recognition is for innovative thinking within its business model and clean solution profile. Enhanced Exchange’s growth potential rests upon our management’s imagination and capabilities, supported by an innovative and technologically sound business structure. We believe that an entrepreneurial team is a critical proviso in today’s rapidly changing fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products™ markets. Our executives are talented individuals with the ability, energy, and experience required by our customers. Our core Management consists of experienced executives who are the current leaders and executives in global industries. Management consists of veteran distribution and production professionals. Their vision, commitment, and tenacity constitute the center of force for our distribution business goals.

Enhanced Exchange’s Staff demonstrates a significantly higher than average commitment to ethics, business conduct, and community involvement thereby providing competitive advantages to each of our clients’ supply chains. These commitments provide innovative integration, client-centric solutions developed by a dedicated staff of professionals working together with not a weak link in the chain. The majority of the individuals working under Enhanced Exchange’s umbrella hold a high-level government clearance. We invest heavily in training of our Staff so that they maintain the highest certifications and qualifications within their respective fields. Our multi-disciplinary business demands this level of expertise, which must evolve and grow in order to respond to the broad spectrum of current and future requirements of our clients. Accordingly, our Staff always strives to be knowledgeable about all our clients’ needs and in turn to be responsive to their every requirement.

Enhanced Exchange provides job security and fairness to all our employees. Compensation is fair and adequate; management is just and judicious, working conditions are appropriate and safe. Employees have an organized system for suggestions and complaints. There are opportunities for advancement for those qualified and in consideration of the merit of each employee; consideration is on an individual standing basis on his or her own dignity and merit. In turn, we expect superior performance from our employees in contributing to the accomplishment of our goals. We provide our employees with the means accurately to serve our clients. Our staff strives to become the best, most innovative, trustworthy and knowledgeable in their fields. Our clients constantly experience the dedication, knowledge, understanding, insight and the skills of our people. Enhanced Exchange has requirements in the areas of management, staff, technical and contract work.