Corporate Executive Officers, Board Members Consultants & Advisors

Evolution In Focus

Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors are an impressive group of corporate executives and global thought leaders with a combination of intellect, integrity, drive, and commitment, along with decency and honor. Mainly, they build smart strategic relationships and brings a wealth of organizational development and finance experience to Enhanced Exchange while staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and innovations. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors have helped hundreds of businesses achieve capitalization, increase revenue, and shareholder value for over (35) thirty-five years. Indeed, their executive guidance and financial expertise are instrumental in propelling Enhanced Exchange into a leadership position in the foods, agriculture safety, security and production, animal plant health and nutrition, fisheries aquaculture, and science markets.

Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors understand the changing demographics, thus, bring together a fundamental multidisciplinary team across traditional lines. Comprehension is inherent; thereby, each is performing many roles within our organization while providing customization of first-of-its-kind developments for the consumer. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors aim to strengthen the focus of Enhanced Exchange at the highest levels of academia and policy analysis. Providing a highly visible platform is therefore for leading practitioners to share their ideas with peers, but also ensure that these insights are developed through rigorous and well-funded research to induce significant policy changes and become a significant voice.

Thereby, tangible results occur in enhancing our management team psychometric assessment in a way that is genuinely personal and hands-on by enabling them to measure several leadership traits and skills that shape how an individual will develop lead processes. Indeed, the team cohesion is with individual expertise in diverse scientific developments in our designer food products™ and services. For advancing our multilateralism opportunities with top-line digests, research, perspectives, and technical analyses.

Human Capital & Innovation

Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors serve to help address the foreign principal in connection with general foreign policy and related matters. The executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors render advice on legislative, regulatory, and public policy activities of interest with strategic and operational issues that we face. Foremost, Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors are acting as a catalyst by finding new ways to drive value with technology. This annual accomplishment achievement is while staying ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands by leading our transformation efforts. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors are capable of creatively dealing with challenges; likewise, opportunities that are effectively working across our global operations. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors collectively task, then apply their wisdom to accomplish these first-of-its-kind developments.

Meanwhile, remaining adaptable to change is addressing the issues, which in turn adds to our company’s cultural diversity, value, resources, and growth are alongside our innovative approach to both opportunity and uncertainty. Therefore, we use science designed by new scientific experiments to find better ways of building a business model that dramatically increases successes, translates into our sales, and marketing efforts into long-term relationships. Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors act individually in their capacities and collectively. Principally, our executive officers and board members undertake commercial business with qualified companies that can distribute our products plus services within targeted regions. Our issues, among several, that we address include the agroecological crisis; iterations will generate more frequent and severe shocks to world food supply over the coming decades.

Given these points, for the most part, this is placing countries that depend on imports at an increasing probability, namely that of the risk of a food shortfall that includes a forecast on the diminishing nutritional values of food products. This chain sequence, unless re-oriented, directly results in higher food services, thereby further reducing productivity and tax basis valuations. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors are taking the actions necessary to build up local food systems, to reverse the growing differentials in balances on that of cereals and other staple foods. Given capital market imperfections, Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors alleviate financial frictions by creating pyramidal business units in which our parent firm offers its subsidiary units internal finance. This endogenous creation of pyramidal business units can beget asymmetric financial disagreements between business-group firms and stand-alone firms.

Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors build a model to show that these asymmetric financial frictions can have sizable effects on resource allocation. Alike, the asymmetrically large amount of external capital incoming from pyramidal business groups can be expended by unproductive units and push up the equilibrium price of capital. Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors’ models suggest that with excellent investor protection or low financial frictions, the benefits of pyramidal business units can be dominated by their cost. Since the probability of fostering subsidiaries’ cost of capital, productivity is reduced when the efficiency of external capital markets grows. However, the importance of commencing with the pyramidal business unit resources remains invaluable, at a lower cost while the commonest of pyramidal business is not attenuated due to their continuing asymmetric financial advantage.

Moreover, Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors look at consumer behavior, market power, distributional equity, environmental sustainability, trade, and globalization, financialization and debt issues, and the changing nature of the green macroeconomics. Markets financial instability, behavioral economics, and regional challenges, etc., are routinely, respectively, adding to our metrics. Ultimately, noting the rapid concentration of growth markets of the implicit fiscal sustainability and its destabilizing potential, our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors have always advocated for stronger financial balance targets. Framing the narrative content into constructive opportunity arguments is also a key within Modern Money Theory (MMT), which is a direct consequence of inequities built into the frameworks that drive our present systems.

Collaborative Environment & Prospects

Accordingly, with development models as well as an innovative 21st-century approach for ushering in a swell of optimism, the environment is an opportunity for our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors, to illustrate the extraordinary achievement that is optimal. These factors are exhibited milestones with the cooperation and willingness to create a climate that is conducive to the admission and hosting of funds for direct investment (FDI). Understandably, our success is an ongoing measure of that determined by how well we manage the regional dynamics associated with all organizational life. Enhanced Exchange executives make a material difference as they recognize certain conditions for melt-ups, meltdowns, and even sideways stagnation that may present themselves in the near-term based on local food systems. However, despite these gyrations, our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors understanding of historical individual market signals, along with transformative technologies on issues that re-confirms these food products markets are technically bullish for paradigm shifts.

Interestingly, such an assessment is not intended as a dramatic view, but rather as an empirical and objective fact. Our organization collaborates closely with the public and private-sector partners to translate big questions into deep insights that improve programs, refine strategies, and enhance understanding. Essentially, competition requires one to remain competitive, as our workforce focus is also on the scalable operational effectiveness of our multiculturalism operations. Therefore, we are implementing more intelligent and flexible solutions in the field within a dynamic marketplace. Proactively, at Enhanced Exchange, this is achievable where new technologies and innovations incentivize business rivals to join forces to stay competitive. Tentatively, our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors seek to enhance the group’s relevance and effectiveness by sustaining the practice of organizing virtual agents, along with multilateralism issues. In conjunction, the executive officers continue to promote closer executive engagement while monitoring market and customer developments.

Connecting the Dots

Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors provide privileged agroecological production methods to mitigate weather cycles and build resilience in the face of regional climate extremes within long-term cycles. Executive tools and methodology further apply to the ever-present issues, which are inclusive of the ever-present competing consumers, capital, and their respective allocation. Inevitable, defining shifts and changes within multilateralism are equally crucial towards opportunities and benefits tailored to meet the scientific-based needs of both individuals and large organizations. Meanwhile, our organizations provide support plus encouragements, as Enhanced Exchange explores specific initiatives, changes, within the ambit of food products and agricultural science. Primarily, our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors cultivate a cohesive and creative corporate culture with our thorough, constructive, and inclusive multi-faceted response team, acquiring the most effective innovative changemakers.

Essentially, our management team provides analysis, and work, towards leveling incoming demand with resource allocation, then finding better ways to manage the process flow effectively. Overall, the displayable results are those that illustrate the economic policy model, which design is within our sustainable advancement determinations. Indeed, Enhanced Exchange executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors collectively provide smart thinkers whom each brings more than a traditional model with meaningful development solutions and support to contextualize cost-measurement systems. Therefore, the steps taken are to build on an explicit open-source brinkmanship culture, measured by introducing additional scientific and procedural criteria that prompt lean principles, incentives, and inspiration for improving operational efficiency. Straightaway transforming our economic diversification is a result of our comparative technical advantage of designer food products™, agriculture, aquaculture, and science applications, services.

Exporting Success in Uncertain Times

Our executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisor’s driver for change is an obvious choice in historical terms, judging from the global situation, as the most critical issue now is diversification. Inevitably, this is scientifically identifiable, as the gaps in resources and opportunities up to the present time are not merely a feature of our current landscape, but also the designer food products™ markets. Indeed, Enhanced Exchange emphatical changemakers’ skill sets have long excited the imagination of our team in the context of our value chain through a different strategy. Among those strategies, mainly due to enterprise transition and the implications of uncertainties, is within the new normal of global trade, with fairness and balance within markets resulting in market price change mitigation. Indeed, our staff has an unprecedented level of optimism for their territory fiscal impact development, which makes it a huge responsibility and challenge that the executive officers and board achieve annually.

Notably, because of our staff’s flexibility towards customers’ requirements, both within and beyond, their market territories show manifestly enthused preemption, in prospecting profitable enterprises with promising capital endowments. Our organization is reshaped continuously by the inspirations and hopes of the communities we work with, as they seek control of their territories and to live sustainably in their ancestral lands. Interestingly, Enhanced Exchange as an organization is doing its best to ensure that whenever possible, we are creating spaces for those communities to enlighten and flourish their vision and agenda. Overall, in the era of food products, the markets are the connected customers, therefore delivering a superior, end-to-end customer experience has never been more critical. Similarly, the future of our business success relies on providing excellent products and customer service with changing customers on-site, along with field service, management expectations, and the leadership of the executive officers, board members, consultants, and advisors.

Collectively, the preceding factors are why we are fundamentally ahead of our peers on a certain degree of convergence on several issues, in terms of diversification. Ultimately, these factors give Enhanced Exchange a competitive advantage in our long-term monetary policy and multilateralism determinations. The present facts and future best practices are for transforming our customer experience with field service that delivers unilateral action, faster, smarter, more personalized tier-1 end-to-end supply chain customer experiences.

Executive Team

Corporate Executive Officers, Board Members Consultants & Advisors Profile


President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ferdinand delivers a wealth of experience in corporate competence with leadership in conceptual, strategic planning, visioning, acquisitions, partnership discovery and development, business implementation, plus ongoing management of operations, providing for and maintaining objectives while expanding our potential. Creating sustainable value in investment opportunities through foresight pursuits further defines the inherent abilities of Mr. Ferdinand. Principally, discovering and development of economic markets are among those that assure that Enhanced Exchange maintains corporate momentum, superlative competency along with distinguishing market presence. Serving as a Board Member in multiple organizations across several continents, he also oversees global legal activities, policies, as well as ethics, compliance, and regulatory affairs in addition to brand protection. Mr. Ferdinand is adept at creating and implementing sustainable yet imaginative strategies, and innovative constructs while maintaining growth, increasing market share for expanding global reach.


Vice President of Scientific Development

Dr. Holloway uses his skill sets, aptitude, and practices required to integrate agricultural production and delivery systems and apply appropriate disruptive technologies to produce consistent, high-quality food, and agriculture products are exemplary. He has the qualifications and ability to formulate both intensive and extensive production systems, analyze their efficiency, productivity, and instigate corrective procedures to increase their ability to produce the quality of fresh and frozen food and beverage product desired, consistently, and economically. He also formulates and coordinates the research and development programs required for product development stream as well as food quality plus safety control. Dr. Holloway designs and creates food and agriculture plus beverage production, delivery systems, and executes forensic analyses and corrective procedures of existing systems to develop products exceeding customer expectations. Dr. Holloway deploys the cultural and equipment background in conjunction with the critical skill set necessarily applicable to organize production systems on a global scale to meet the needs of global niche markets, incorporating respective local limitations.


Vice President of Public Relations

Mrs. Rheims is the team leader in the application of research, financial knowledge, undergirding our management and core growth perspective concerning the breadth of enterprises, along with activities inherent in our operations. She leads efforts in establishing and implementing innovative, analytical, operational design, plus planning. Mrs. Rheims coordinates on a real-time basis, the comprehensive array of details inherent in the management of the company’s complex set of enterprises. The decades of diversity in corporate successes are supportive of her analytical, categorical skills necessary for the management of our public relations. She provides leadership in the orchestration of the multifaceted array of many activities that suit her cooperative skills well, as that growth is continually requiring concurrent and contemporary analysis.


Vice President of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Hutcheson is a renowned animal, an agriculture specialist with the comprehension of the dynamics behind the value-added chain of livestock is requisite, which are crucial skillsets for the blossoming of Enhanced Exchange in the developing beef, dairy and dairy beef feeding management systems. Dr. Hutcheson brings a wealth of knowledge concerning global animal agricultural production systems to the company through his lifetime endeavors in developing and applying scientific principles to animal production. Dr. Hutcheson has notably contributed to production systems that efficiently produce meat mitigating the impacts of environmental change in the livestock sector and assuring animal health and well-being. Passionate by his outstanding work and leadership of more than (50) fifty years, who expound his research on elaborating sustainable feeding systems and the nutrition of animals. Biostatistician, nutritionist, University professor, member of the National Research Council (NRC), he endorsed many positions which reflect his acting chops and extensive knowledge. He also publishes scientific documents, sharing his advances. Moreover, requests along with reporting on assignments while doing worldwide agricultural consulting, Dr. Hutcheson’s feeding management systems are being used in many countries that include Egypt, China, the US, Russia, Tunisia, Australia, etc.

Andrew C. HUDSON

Vice President & Secretary of the Board

Mr. Hudson provides vision and supervises the development of project policies, planning, and formulation of goals and core objectives. Mr. Hudson augments leadership in the clarification of company vision on advanced platforms, including facilities, thereby coordinating management development guidelines in global arenas enabling a natural progressive transformation, with effective conservation, compliance realignments. This knowledge is persuasive, utilizing his invaluable vision in the largest of arenas, across extensive experiences, seasoned with a broad background range of transactions, hands-on management knowledge in the private sector. Mr. Hudson completes the coordination and communication required for seamless transitions necessary for a dynamic company that is continually expanding in both scope and excellence.

Barbara DYMENT


Mrs. Dyment functions as a team coordinator with applied skill sets in sales, customer service, leadership training, and development of written and verbal communication systems, sales staff training, vendor sourcing and negotiation, contract administration, legal document preparation, and calendar management. Emphasis exists with travel and corporate meeting arrangements, mortgage document processing, marketing, along with management, in import/export business. Mrs. Dyment supervises all support staff and government compliance activities, providing staff work required in developing contracts, implementing corporate procedures, and documentation for transactions.

Stephane TERRIN


Mr. Terrin has years of experience in sales and marketing, business development, enterprise performance management, procurement and IT with an edge on Global value creation and is responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing day-to-day operations to support the growth and add to the bottom line of our organization. He focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting and directs the operations of the company in support of its goals. By measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly, he ensures the entire organization keeps on track. Mr. Terrin develops and implements innovative solutions with a long-term practical framework to provide best in class services that aim to achieve integration of strategy through a holistic approach that includes simultaneous and coordinated operations. Mr. Terrin actively explores concepts associated with information operations and direct resources in accordance with corporate policies on the process and outcome in areas of competition while adopting a risk-based approach to make strategic decisions based on the likelihood and impact of each operation.



Dr. Salama has many successful years and experiences in building, growing, and managing innovative food and agriculture companies, including an import/export business, and has an extensive network of long-term valuable partners around the world. She has prevalent competence across marketing disciplines, and each personifies best practice using a rigorous process control that allows continuous, on-time delivery of high quality, high value, safe products to diverse, discerning markets around the world. Dr. Salama negotiations are at industry levels of proficiency and compliance while focusing primarily on international sales, thereby providing products and services that meet customer expectations. Dr. Salama accomplishments are within international transactions, in particular throughout the Middle East region. Dr. Salama routinely negotiates, prepares documentation, and executes contracts with applied in-depth knowledge, utilizing practical sense, cost-effective options, thereby improving the contract term outcomes. Dr. Salama recognizes emerging food quality and security issues while holding out the rankings of competence and ethics. She is responsible for managing the rapid growth of sales and marketing activities while ensuring all products coming from or going to the Middle East are of the highest quality.

Wagih Abdel Azeem Mohamed MAKHLOUF


Mr. Makhlouf is articulate, knowledgeable, with ample experience and is involved in Enhanced Exchange transaction support and comprehensive strategic risk assessments, etc. He leads our legal affairs and brings innovation where meets the law and where we remain ahead of the curve while developing as well as building a more cohesive path of resilience with bold solutions. Using unique methods for implementing simple legal resolutions to issues, he defines value and reliability by drawing upon his demonstrated acumen of achievement. His responsibilities include interviewing clients, rendering legal advice, performing legal research, taking depositions, attending site inspections, arguing motions before a judge, drafting legal documents including pleadings, discovery, motions, and briefs. Additionally, he performs due diligence, drafts transactional documents, prepares, and submits materials to governmental bodies and drafts a variety of legal documents including contracts, resolutions, legal opinions, and escrow trust agreements. Inherently, as general counsel, he systematically strengthens qualitative data use that evaluates complex issues, policies, and procedures while providing evidence to support adaptive holistic solutions on the evaluation of collaboration to increase engagement. Mr. Makhlouf has already made substantial contributions to Enhanced Exchange and will undoubtedly make many more overarching frameworks for evaluating complex qualitative comparative analysis, introducing multiple methods, from various schools of thought. Indeed, the consensus of data is to be considered as tools to verify whether and why an intervention is a contributory factor to generate the information with a mix of methods and approaches that are required to verify and challenge assumptions that provide a rationale for best practices.

Dr. Charles R. LONG


Enhanced Exchange has engaged Texas A&M AgriLife, the agricultural division of the Texas A&M University System, to provide the scientific underpinnings for the company’s agricultural and food production. Dr. Long provides liaison to scientific teams and serves as senior advisor to the executive board of directors of Enhanced Exchange. In this capacity, he is the primary contact pertaining to advisory activities on all matters of interest, thereby assisting in the development of Enhanced Exchange. Dr. Long is Professor and Resident Director of Research for a unit of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, which is the agricultural research agency for the State of Texas and part of the Texas A&M University System. Dr. Long has more than fifty years of experience in agriculture and food production systems, science, and technology development. Dr. Long and his team possess the background, experience, expertise, and critical skill sets to address issues and provide solutions and applications in systems of agricultural production, food products, and related areas for organizing production systems on a global scale, thereby advancing the execution of initiatives for sustainability. Experience includes an extraordinary level of earnest wisdom to embody his unique agricultural and science advisory capacity with considerable insight into institutional and governmental perspectives. Above all, he combines his integrative scientific agriculturalist experiences with a deep understanding of fundamental principles. Dr. Long is one of the most knowledgeable scientists in his field of research and has collaborated on several projects with other postdoctoral colleagues and scientists within his research field for entities such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Agriculture Division. He has held offices in the American Society of Animal Science and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. His intellect in the best sense of the word is open-minded and evidence-led in his thinking and committed to the enlightenment of science, agriculture, and food products. Moreover, Dr. Long, in accordance with Texas A&M AgriLife in its advisory capacity, applies pertinent disruptive technologies, which is a leading milestone to deliver quality food and agricultural product systems to Enhanced Exchange. Dr. Long and his team combine their agricultural and scientific experience with a thorough understanding of fundamental principles, with diverse aptitudes, and practices that are requisite to guide and expand the company’s knowledge base while providing awareness of delivery systems. The benefits of each system on which the team advises augment Enhanced Exchange’s ability to formulate both intensive and extensive production systems. Consequently, bringing Texas A&M AgriLife’s historical and current scientific capacity to analyze efficiency and productivity and to implement corrective policies will ensure successful ongoing procedures for the company’s research and development programs. Especially applicable, are the protocols for optimal product stream development, food quality, safety, and control, along with expanding practices of existing systems to provide products exceeding customer expectations.

Dr. Jianping WU


Dr. Wu is a renowned agricultural scientist and is tasked with advisory to bring an almost more centralized approach to decision-making, on acquisition deliberations, and overall policy. In those capacities, he advises on Enhanced Exchange transnational engagement, strategic planning, policy formulation functions, including leading our China policy, agriculture along with strategic partnerships, and communications teams. Dr. Wu has endeavored to accomplish this through leadership in various roles: Professor and Vice President, Gansu Agricultural University; Director, Gansu Agricultural Academy of Science; Lead on World Bank Project for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid China; Agricultural Advisor to the Governor of the Gansu Province. He continues to work in collaboration with agricultural scientists in the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, Mongolia Tajikistan, Germany, France, and Sudan. Notably, his primary research is in sustainable agricultural production systems for stressful environments, genetic and nutritional production system elements for animal and plant management of stress, production systems for high quality branded red meats with the methodology to reduce the costs of agricultural production, plant and animal germplasm adapted to harsh environments. Dr. Wu ‘s comprehensive knowledge of markets primarily augments the multilateralism advisory that may affect our agricultural and commercial market, import/export interests, and international trade issues within a region. Dr. Wu supports Enhanced Exchange’s mission overseas by advising on the health of animals, plants, and ecosystems while facilitating our agricultural trade. Dr. Wu coordinates and conducts research, analysis, and exchange to enhance policy development and understanding of the essential issues relevant to agrarian conditions, government policies, and regulatory processes. Dr. Wu strategic advisory consists of the insight of management illustrations devotion to utilizing renewable natural resources to provide healthy and nutritious food, high-quality lifestyle, and services, as well as contributing to improving people’s living standards, social prosperity, and stability. Dr. Wu supports negotiations and determinations reporting in conjunction with Enhanced Exchange trade programs, thus, reviewing, and analysis of technical reports on sanitary and phytosanitary issues and their effects in a multilateral environment overseas. Dr. Wu undertakes cross-cutting coordination of our activities and contributes actively to Enhanced Exchange’s broader strategic agenda and collaborative projects that cut across regional boundaries. Dr. Wu investigates, researches, prepares, and advises on such, as identifying an animal disease, pest alerts, new regulations, and other updates affecting Enhanced Exchange export/import global trade. Dr. Wu provides forward-looking recommendations to address the changing nature of food science, production, safety, security, plant, fisheries, aquaculture, and their global impact while supporting our senior staff by conducting research. He synergistically brings the empowerment and wisdom to every insightful decision tree cooperative engagement for final professional decisions is in conjunction with the input concerning food products and beverages. Dr. Wu solves complex strategic issues in parallel with new operational challenges while gaining market feedback along with the testing of hypothesis, mentorship, all within the framework of Enhanced Exchange rigorous compliance undertakings.