Executive Team

Management is capable of creatively dealing with challenges and opportunities alike that are effectively working across global operations while remaining adaptable to change, which adds to the cultural diversity, company value, resources growth, plus our innovative approach to both opportunity and uncertainty.

Executive Officers & Board Members


President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ferdinand delivers a wealth of experience in corporate competence with leadership in conceptual strategic planning, visioning, acquisitions, partnership discovery and development, business implementation plus ongoing management of operations, providing for and maintaining objectives while expanding our potential. Creating sustainable value in investment opportunities through foresight pursuits further defines the inherent abilities of Mr. Ferdinand. Principally, discovering and development of economic markets are among those that assure that Enhanced Exchange maintains corporate momentum, superlative competency along with distinguishing market presence. Serving as a Board Member in multiple organizations across several continents he also oversees global legal activities, policies, as well as ethics, compliance and regulatory affairs in addition to brand protection. Mr. Ferdinand is adept at creating and implementing sustainable yet imaginative strategies, and innovative constructs while maintaining growth, increasing market share for expanding global reach.


Vice President of Scientific Development

Dr. Holloway use of his skill sets, aptitude, and practices requisite to integrate agricultural production and delivery systems and apply pertinent disruptive technologies to produce consistent, high quality food products is exemplary. He has the qualifications, and ability to formulate both intensive and extensive production systems, analyze their efficiency, productivity, and instigate corrective procedures to increase their ability to produce the quality of fresh and frozen food and beverage product desired, consistently and economically. He also formulates and coordinates the research and development programs required for product stream development as well as food quality plus safety control. Dr. Holloway designs and creates food plus beverage production, delivery systems and executes forensic analyses and corrective procedures of existing systems to create products exceeding customer expectations. Dr. Holloway deploys the cultural and equipment background in conjunction with the critical skill set necessarily applicable to organize production systems on a global scale to meet the needs of global niche markets, incorporating respective local limitations.


Vice President of Public Relations

Mrs. Rheims is team leader in application of research, financial knowledge, undergirding our management and core growth perspective concerning the breadth of enterprises, along with activities inherent in our operations. She leads efforts in establishing and implementing innovative, analytical operational design, plus planning. Mrs. Rheims coordinates on a real time basis the comprehensive array of details inherent in the management of the company’s complex set of enterprises. The decades of diversity in corporate successes are supportive of her analytical, categorical skills necessary for the management of our public relations. She provides leadership in the orchestration of the multifaceted array of many activities that suit her cooperative skills well, as that growth is continually requiring concurrent and contemporary analysis.


Vice President of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Hutcheson is a renowned animal and agriculture specialist with the comprehension of the dynamics behind the value-added chain of livestock is requisite, which are crucial skillsets for the blossoming of Enhanced Exchange in the developing beef, dairy and dairy beef feeding management systems. Dr. Hutcheson brings a wealth of knowledge concerning global animal agricultural production systems to the company through his lifetime endeavors in developing and applying scientific principles to animal production. Dr. Hutcheson has especially contributed to production systems that efficiently produce, meat mitigating the impacts on environmental change in the livestock sector and assuring animal health and well-being. Passionate by his outstanding work and leadership of more than (50) fifty years, who expound his research on elaborating sustainable feeding systems and the nutrition of animals. Biostatistician, nutritionist, University professor, member of the National Research Council (NRC), he endorsed many positions which reflect his acting chops and extensive knowledge. He also publishes scientific documents, sharing his advances. Moreover, requests along with reporting on assignments while doing worldwide agricultural consulting, Dr. Hutcheson’s feeding management systems are being used in many countries that include Egypt, China, the US, Russia, Tunisia, Australia, etc.

Andrew C. HUDSON

Vice President & Secretary of the Board

Mr. Hudson provides vision and supervises development of project policies, planning and formulation of goals and core objectives. Mr. Hudson augments leadership in clarification of company vision on advanced platforms including facilities, thereby coordinating management development guidelines in global arenas enabling a natural progressive transformation, with effective conservation, compliance realignments. This knowledge is persuasive utilizing his invaluable vision in the largest of arenas, across extensive experiences, seasoned with a broad background range of transactions, hands-on management knowledge in the private sector. Mr. Hudson completes the coordination and communication required for seamless transitions necessary for a dynamic company that is continually expanding in both scope and excellence.

Barbara DYMENT

Executive Vice President

Mrs. Dyment functions as team coordinator with applied skill sets in sales, customer service, leadership training, and development of written and verbal communication systems, sales staff training, vendor sourcing and negotiation, contract administration, legal document preparation, and calendar management. Emphasis exists with travel and corporate meeting arrangements, mortgage document processing, marketing, along with management, in import/export business. Mrs. Dyment supervises all support staff and government compliance activities, providing staff work required developing contracts, implementing corporate procedures and documentation for transactions.

Stephane TERRIN

Vice President Operations

Mr. Terrin has years of experience in sales and marketing, business development, enterprise performance management, procurement and IT with an edge on Global value creation and is responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing day-to-day operations to support the growth and add to the bottom line of our organization. He focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting and directs the operations of the company in support of its goals. By measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly, he ensures the entire organization keeps on track. Mr. Terrin develops and implements innovative solutions with a long-term practical framework to provide best in class services that aim to achieve integration of strategy through a holistic approach that includes simultaneous and coordinated operations. Mr. Terrin actively explores concepts associated with information operations and direct resources in accordance with corporate policies on the process and outcome in areas of competition while adopting a risk-based approach to make strategic decisions based on the likelihood and impact of each operation.


Vice President Corporate Management - Middle East

Dr. Salama has many successful years and experiences in building, growing and managing innovative food companies, including an import/export business and has an extensive network of long-term valuable partners around the world. She has prevalent competence across marketing discipline’s, each personifies best practice using a rigorous process controls that allow continuous, on-time delivery of high quality, high value, safe products to diverse, discerning markets around the world. Dr. Salama negotiations are at industry levels of proficiency and compliance while focusing primarily on international sales, thereby providing products and services that meet customer expectations. Dr. Salama accomplishments are within international transactions, in particular throughout the Middle East region. Dr. Salama routinely negotiates, prepares documentation and executes contracts with applied in-depth knowledge, utilizing practical sense, cost-effective options, thereby improving the contract term outcomes. Dr. Salama recognizes the emerging food quality and security issues while holding out the rankings of competence and ethics. She is responsible for managing the rapid growth of the sales and marketing activities while ensuring all products coming from or going to the Middle East are of the highest quality.

Wagih Abdel Azeem Mohamed MAKHLOUF


Mr. Makhlouf is articulate, knowledgeable, with ample experience and is involved in Enhanced Exchange transaction support and comprehensive strategic risk assessments, etc. He leads our legal affairs and brings innovation where meets the law and where we remain ahead of the curve while developing as well as building a more cohesive path of resilience with bold solutions. Using unique methods for implementing simple legal resolutions to issues he defines value and reliability by drawing upon his demonstrated acumen of achievement. His responsibilities include interviewing clients, rendering legal advice, performing legal research, taking depositions, attending site inspections, arguing motions before a judge, drafting legal documents including pleadings, discovery, motions, and briefs. Additionally, he performs due diligence, drafts transactional documents, prepares and submits materials to governmental bodies and drafts a variety of legal documents including contracts, resolutions, legal opinions, and escrow trust agreements. Inherently, as general counsel, he systematically strengthens qualitative data use that evaluates complex issues, policies, and procedures while providing evidence to support adaptive holistic solutions on the evaluation of collaboration to increase engagement. Mr. Makhlouf has already made substantial contributions to Enhanced Exchange and will certainly make many more overarching frameworks for evaluating complex qualitative comparative analysis, introducing multiple methods, from various schools of thought. Indeed, the consensus of data is to be considered as tools to verify whether and why an intervention is a contributory factor to generate the information with a mix of methods and approaches that are required to verify and challenge assumptions that provide a rationale for best practices.

Dr. Charles R. LONG

Coordinator & Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of Enhanced Exchange
Employed by Texas A&M AgriLife, Texas A&M University System

Enhanced Exchange has engaged Texas A&M AgriLife, the agricultural division of the Texas A&M University System, to provide the scientific underpinnings for the company’s agricultural and food production. Dr. Long provides liaison to scientific teams and serves as senior advisor to the executive board of directors of Enhanced Exchange. In this capacity, he is the primary contact pertaining to advisory activities on all matters of interest, thereby assisting in the development of Enhanced Exchange. Dr. Long is Professor and Resident Director of Research for a unit of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, which is the agricultural research agency for the State of Texas and part of the Texas A&M University System. Dr. Long has more than fifty years of experience in agriculture and food production systems, science, and technology development. Dr. Long and his team possess the background, experience, expertise, and critical skill sets to address issues and provide solutions and applications in systems of agricultural production, food products and related areas for organizing production systems on a global scale, thereby advancing the execution of initiatives for sustainability. Experience includes an extraordinary level of earnest wisdom to embody his unique agricultural and science advisory capacity with considerable insight into institutional and governmental perspectives. Above all, he combines his integrative scientific agriculturalist experiences with a deep understanding of fundamental principles. Dr. Long is one of the most knowledgeable scientists in his field of research and has collaborated on several projects with other postdoctoral colleagues and scientists within his research field for entities such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Agriculture Division. He has held offices in the American Society of Animal Science and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. His intellect in the best sense of the word is open-minded and evidence-led in his thinking and committed to the enlightenment of science, agriculture, and food products. Moreover, Dr. Long, in accordance with Texas A&M AgriLife in its advisory capacity, applies pertinent disruptive technologies, which is a leading milestone to deliver quality food and agricultural product systems to Enhanced Exchange. Dr. Long and his team combine their agricultural and scientific experience with a thorough understanding of fundamental principles, with diverse aptitudes, and practices that are requisite to guide and expand the company’s knowledge base while providing awareness of delivery systems. The benefits of each system on which the team advises augment Enhanced Exchange’s ability to formulate both intensive and extensive production systems. Consequently, bringing Texas A&M AgriLife’s historical and current scientific capacity to analyze efficiency and productivity and to implement corrective policies will ensure successful ongoing procedures for the company’s research and development programs. Especially applicable are the protocols for optimal product stream development; food quality, safety, and control; along with expanding practices of existing systems to provide products exceeding customer expectations.